Detailed Engineering

Scope of Services

  1. Civil/Structural
    • Prepare plot plan
    • Prepare architectural drawings
    • Prepare drawings for submission to statutory authorities
    • Prepare tender for PEB structures
    • Design and prepare RCC drawings
    • Design and prepare Steel drawings
    • Prepare tender for civil works along with SOQ
    • Prepare tender for structural works along with BOQ
  2. Process
    • Prepare PFDs
    • Prepare PID’s
    • Carryout utility sizing calculations for Compressed air, Nitrogen, Cooling water, Chilled water, Chilled brine and Water system
    • Prepare UDD’s
    • Prepare equipment list
    • Prepare line list
    • Carryout pump sizing calculations
  3. Mechanical/Piping
    • Prepare data sheet for process equipment
    • Prepare data sheet for utility equipment
    • Prepare piping & valve material specifications
    • Prepare equipment layout drawings
    • Prepare nozzle orientation drawings
    • Prepare piping layout drawings
    • Prepare isometrics
    • Prepare material take off for valves, pipes & fittings with brief specifications
    • Prepare tender for mechanical / piping / insulation / painting erection works along with BOQ
  4. HVAC
    • Prepare Room data sheets
    • Prepare design basis for ventilation system/ air conditioning system along with equipment layout & tentative ducting routing drawing
    • Prepare tender for ventilation / air conditioning system
    • Prepare enquiry specification for fume extraction, dust extraction system
  5. Fire Fighting System
    • Prepare fire hydrant piping drawing along with BOQ
    • Prepare sprinkler piping layout along with BOQ
    • Prepare fire alarm manual call point, smoke detector & hooter location drawing along with BOQ
    • Prepare fire extinguisher location drawing along with BOQ
  6. Electrical
    • Prepare design basis
    • Update and segregate electrical load list based on project requirements
    • Carryout electrical equipment sizing
    • Prepare single line diagrams
    • Prepare specification / data sheet for electrical equipment
    • Prepare cable tray, Lighting & earthing layout drawings
    • Carryout lightning protection calculations and prepare lightning protection layout drawing
    • Carryout cable sizing and prepare cable schedule along with BOQ
    • Carryout lighting calculation and prepare lighting fixtures schedule along with BOQ
    • Prepare tender for electrical works along with SOQ
  7. Instrumentation
    • Prepare instrument index
    • Prepare I/O list
    • Prepare instrument data sheets
    • Prepare cause & effect diagrams
    • Prepare cable tray routing, JB & AH layout drawing
    • Prepare cable schedule along with BOQ
    • Prepare tender for instrument installation works along with SOQ
  8. 3-D Model
    • Prepare 3-D walk through model for production block indicating all equipment, piping, ducting, cable trays, push button station, instruments etc by using AutoCAD Plant Design suite and AutoCAD Building Design Suite